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Published on October 23rd, 2014 | by melbournesalamifesta

Salami, Wine and the two Doms.

The Two Italian Boys have a passion for a good drop of wine and a good slice or salami. From their beginnings in the Riverina region of New South Wales, the Two Italian Boys have created a range of wines that compliments the food they love and that brings people together. We sat down with Nick Guglielmino to talk about wine, salami and the two Doms.

How did the Two Italian Boys story begin?
My father Domenic Guglielmino is in partnership with Domenic Piromalli and our families together own ‘The Winery’ in Hanwood, NSW. We needed a brand for The Winery so we approached a close family friend Julie Pillon who is in marketing and she came up with the ‘Two Italian Boys’ brand. Coincidently we have made salami together at The Winery for as long as I can remember and us children are now selling the product around Australia. I have attached an old photo of Dom and Dom together at the 1986 Adelaide Grand Prix, a friendship that has lasted the times.

How are your wines best enjoyed and how would you typify their character?
We come from Italian origins, food and wine that compliment each other is our passion and business. We suggest sharing in the company of family and friends as this is the whole philosophy of the Two Italian Boys. To outline a few, Our 2013 DOC Prosecco is best enjoyed as an Aperitivo on a hot summers day, preferably before dinner with something light, clean and crisp such as seafood and cheeses. The Pinot Grigio is our staple white wine, a lighter more refreshing style – for some a little neutral but ours shows fresh fruit with clean natural acidity and crispness. We also have a sensational Sangiovese which is perfect with any tomato based dishes, such as pizza, pasta or veal, especially Saltimbocca.

Which of one of your wines goes best with salami and why?
Now who’s salami we are eating here guys? Because our opinion may differ. We make our salami with generous amounts of chilli spice accompanied with some white pepper and a moderate amount of fat, in pairing a wine our Sangiovese would compliment these flavours. The smooth tannins and savoury tones in the wine lighten the body of the salami to compliment its ingredients. The french oak is subtle and elegant, not masking the flavour of salami, more an augment and compliment to it.

We understand you’ve recently launched your new Prosecco, it’s a wine that is making a bit of a comeback on restaurant menus. Why do you think that’s so?
Prosecco is making a comeback and should absolutely be on every wine list as it provides the perfect Aperitivo. We are strong advocates for the ‘Aperitivo’ movement which is gaining enormous traction in Melbourne at the moment. The word ‘Aperitivo’ comes from the Latin “aperire” meaning to ‘open’. A dry Prosecco provides the perfect opener to any dinner and stimulates the appetite for the meal that lies ahead. We experienced this in the Italy’s North and hence chose Valdobbiadene as the region in which to produce our 2013 Prosecco DOC.  It is the same distance from the Dolomites and the Adriatic, a particular situation that has a positive effect on the climate. This produces a superior fruit which represents the top of the quality pyramid for Prosecco. It really doesn’t get much better!

So is true? Do Italians do it better?
Is it true? We’ll leave that up to you. All we know is that Italians love making things…

Making pasta takes days
Making salami takes months
Making wine takes years
Making love…
WE take our time!”

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