The Salami Sessions
presented with Bar IddaSalami_Sessions

Learn how to make salami from the inside of our very own pop-up salami garage. The sessions are hands on, authentic instructional workshops in the art of salami making. A unique grassroots cultural experience, the sessions are aimed at first time makers and novices or those wishing to hone their skills.
Tickets: $40
Saturday 8 October: 10:15am | 12pm | 1:45pm
Sunday 9 October: 10:15am | 12pm | 1:45pm

Kid’s Salami Pasta Making
presented by The Travelling Kitchen

Get your child making their own lunch at the Salami Festa while you take a well-earned break and enjoy the festivities. The Travelling Kitchen offers a hands-on, fun educational experience, complete with a showbag for every student.
Tickets: $12.50 (includes lunch & showbag)
Saturday 8 October: 11am – 11:45am
Sunday 9 October: 11am – 11:45am



John Mitris from Costante Imports.

presented by Rosa Mitchell

Salami Making
presented by Costante Imports

Feed someone salami, they’ll be happy for a day. Teach them how to make it and they’ll be happy every year. With that in mind, don’t miss the salami making class from our partners Costante Imports.
Session 1: Saturday 8 October: 10:30am – 11:15am
Session 2: Sunday 9 October: 12pm – 12:45pm


Nicky Reimar of Union Dining.

Pancetta, Capocollo
& Prosciutto Making
presented by Costante Imports

Salami is clearly the star of the festa, but in the interest of ‘waste not, want not’ it’s happy to share the spotlight with Pancetta, Capocollo and Prosciutto. Let Constante Imports show you how to use all of the pig in the creation of these other delicious cured meats.
Saturday 8 October: 12pm – 12:45pm

Porchetta Tonnato
presented by Nicky Reimar, Union Dining

Jerry Mai of Pho Nom

A variation on the Piedmontese classic vitello tonnato, acclaimed chef Nicky Reimar pairs roasted porchetta with a moreish tuna and anchovy mayonnaise. Proving that pork, tuna and mayonaise can be a perfect match.
Saturday 8 October: 1:30pm – 2:15pm

Pork Hock with Blood Orange Salad
on Betel Leaf

presented by Jerry Mai, Pho Nom

Troy Wheeler of Meatsmith

Master this hock dish yourself with Jerry Mai, one of Melbourne’s first – and finest – Vietnamese chefs. A true culinary leader with a paddock to plate ethos, Mai is guaranteed to deliver an in-depth demonstration.
Saturday 8 October: 3:30pm – 4:15pm

Breaking Down the Pig
presented by Troy Wheeler, Meatsmith

Preparing the pig is an integral part of the salami-making process and makes for essential viewing. To guide you all the way from nose-to-tail is Troy Wheeler of boutique butcher Meatsmith on Smith Street.
Sunday 9 October: 10:30am – 11:15am


Damien Sandercock of Piper St Food Co.

Three Things to do with Lard
presented by Damien Sandercock,
Piper St. Food Co.

A highly-awarded champion of charcuterie, Damien is here to show you how to give the humble pig lard some love, with both traditional and innovative ways for you to use it. There are sure to be some surprises in store.
Sunday 9 October: 1:30pm – 2:15pm

Sanguinaccio or Blood Sausage
presented by Alfredo La Spina, Bar Idda

Alfredo La Spina of Bar Idda

Traditionally served during Lent, Sanguinaccio is a sausage made with pork blood. Alfredo La Spina draws on his passion for his parents’ homeland to share unique experiences (like this) that celebrate Sicilian life.
Sunday 9 October: 3:30pm – 4:15pm


Demonstrations: $10pp
Salami Sessions Workshops: $40
Kids Cooking Workshops: $12.50

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