The Judges of 2016

Rita Faranda
Nonna & Head Judge

Rita Faranda and husband Tony are local produce growers from Werribee South. Having married in 1967, they have been working the farm ever since, alongside their two sons. Rita loves her family and relishes the opportunity to show her grandchildren what fresh quality food really is, hoping that they carry on the traditional dishes. When asked what the one essential ingredient is to her cooking the answer is simple: love.

Rosa Mitchell
Owner & Head Chef, Rosa’s Kitchen & Rosa’s Canteen

Rosa Mitchell’s food is special, simple, traditional, lovingly prepared and utterly authentic having been in the kitchen preparing meals since she was seven. Her thoughts on life, both Australian and Sicilian, are scattered among the recipes like biscotti crumbs. Two and a half years after opening Punch Lane favourite Rosa’s Kitchen, Rosa has embarked on a broader journey of Italian cuisine, gracing us with the downtown ‘Rosa’s Canteen’ which opened in March this year.

Frank Camorra
Owner & Head Chef, MoVida

When Frank Camorra returned to work in his native Spain in 2000, he was taken by both the modern and traditional aspects of Spanish cuisine and the dynamic tapas culture and was determined to share his inspiration back home. In fact, MoVida is named after the art and film movement that flourished in Madrid during Spain’s reawakening. This innovative era – full of exuberant energy and freedom of Spanish character is another source that MoVida draws on.

Adrian Richardson
Owner & Head Chef, La Luna Bistro

Adrian Richardson has been serving up clean, fresh bistro food at La Luna Bistro since 1998 and will soon open Bouvier Bar, in East Brunswick. He has shared his passion through his books MEAT and The Good Life and via his own show Secret Meat Business, now into its third series on the Lifestyle Channel. Adrian inherited his passion for cooking from his grandfather and has a simple philosophy – use the freshest ingredients and keep it simple.


Massimo Scalas
Director, Salumi Australia

A man as passionate about salami as we are, Massimo began his culinary career as a chef working in some of the world’s best 5 star hotels. Finally settling in Australia Massimo was missing the wonderful salumi of his homeland. He embarked on the journey of building Salumi Australia, to provide Australians with a premium European-style product that is 100% Australian-made using the superior flavor of local pork.


Leanne Clancey
Food Writer

Leanne is a freelance food and travel writer based in Melbourne. After years treading the boards of top restaurants in Australia and London she decided to hang up her waiter’s apron to write about food instead of carrying it. Leanne’s work now appears in Australian Traveller, Broadsheet, Epicure, Good Food, The Age Good Food Guide and Gourmet Traveller. She is the author of illustrated pocket travel guide An Appetite For Melbourne.


Sam Hurst
Co-Owner, Savour & Grace

Sam started his career as a butcher following in his grandfather’s footsteps, laying the foundation for his knowledge of salume. Five years ago he co-created Savour & Grace which selects, curates, stores and distributes preserved and fermented foods like salumi, charcuterie, cheese and other cured products. Working closely with artisanal salume makers helping craft exceptional products, the self confirmed carnivore is determined to raise the bar of Australian salume.


Tony Nicolini
Owner, D.O.C. Group

Born into hospitality, Tony Nicolini spent his formative years between Australia and Italy. He learnt the art of pizza and significantly the art of true Italian hospitality from his father. Years later what began as his humble pizzeria in Melbourne grew into the modern Italian Gastronome that is D.O.C. Crowned the pizza king by The Age Epicure in 2009, his journey is not just a quest for the perfect pizza but for the perfect experience.


Cameron Smith
Radio Host, Triple R Eat It

For over 20 years Cameron Smith has been broadcasting Australia’s longest running food program, Eat It on Triple R. But before hitting the airwaves Cam worked in the hospitality industry around Australia as owner or manager of restaurants or large hotels. His inspiration for the food industry were his parents who were both great cooks and entertainers, no doubt influencing Cameron’s combination of food and entertainment.


Emily Fuller
Darebin Homemade Food & Wine Festival

Emily spends her working life coordinating participatory community and arts events including the ever-popular Darebin Homemade Food & Wine Festival and Darebin Music Feast. Melbourne’s amazing culinary diversity is her favourite thing about her city. A Northcote local with a passion for the arts and food, she’s the perfect candidate for the salami jury.

The Judging Process

Official Judging Day
8 October 2016
Location: Northcote Town Hall
Criteria: The judges have a specific criteria when judging
and will assess your salami based on four key points:

They are as follows:

1. Taste – 5pts

2. Aroma – 5pts

3. Density – 5pts

4. Colour – 5pts

Each judge will give you a score out of five for each of the four criteria.
The maximum amount of points you can accumulate for each category
is 25.

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